Healing Retreats for Women

Healing Retreats for women is one of the most needful kind of retreat in our generation today. A vast majority of women in the Christian race today, do not understand the significance of what Jesus did on the cross for us. This is why we remain bound in the prison of physical pain, emotional pain and spiritual defeat. Whether you are in need of physical healing, emotional healing or spiritual revival, this retreat is for you. I will be sharing some YouTube Testimonies from women who have been set free during these retreats.

Purpose of Healing Retreats for Women

The purpose of healing retreats for women is to allow you experience the healing power of God. It is not to give a quick fix to your problems. Rather, it is to teach you how to receive your miracle and make it a blessing. It is important to know that miracles can be lost but a blessing can never be lost. The recipient of a miracle usually doesn’t know how much authority and freedom they have in Christ. A blessing however, is an inheritance. Those who have it know how much authority they have in Christ and walk in it. This is what a healing retreat is all about. At this retreat, you learn through personal testimonies and teachings how to overcome the work of the enemy in your life and walk in freedom.

Healing Retreats for Women Activities

During this retreat, there are times for worship, teaching sessions and prayer. Other trainings that are a part of the retreat curriculum include;

  • Having the opportunity to receive individual prayer ministries and teachings from seasoned ministers.
  • Teachings that cover key biblical principles that help you access your healing.
  • Topics covering the areas of forgiveness, your authority in Christ, understanding and knowing God intimately are a part of the retreat curriculum.
  • Spiritual warfare, making Godly choices and living victoriously is a part of the curriculum as well.
  • Activities that help you activate your faith such as personal time alone with God, one on one sessions, is usually a part of the retreat itinerary.
Healing Retreats for women is a gift… a time to reflect, connect with God and bear fruits…

Jesus was aware of how deeply in need we were of healing. He was moved to compassion by the number of lost souls and people he saw living in prison-like situations. This is why he dedicated his stay on earth to setting people free, paying the final price for freedom through His death. The woman with the issue of blood, the woman by the well, Mary Magdalene, the Canaanite woman, were some of the women set free by Jesus. I am taking the time to explain this to you so that you will know that God wants you healed. He wants you set free. Healing is your bread! Attending this kind of retreat will help you heal and grow.

If you are interested in attending one of these retreats,

There are several ministries that organise them. Ellel Ministries, HCM International amongst others hold healing retreats for women. Visit their websites for more details. If you are a healing minister looking to host your own healing retreat, you can see how to plan a women’s retreat here.

Healing Retreat Testimonies

There has been a lot of testimonies as regards to healing retreats for women. These mind blowing testimonies tell of how much God wants to see you healed. You can watch some of these videos below to be encouraged and stirred up to attend one. I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me!

Women’s Retreat Prayer Ideas

Most women would jump at the idea of taking a break away from their lives, at least once or more times a year. Women’s Retreats provides an opportunity for these women to develop a more intimate relationship with God and take that much needed break. When planning a women’s retreat, prayer stations should be included in the itinerary. It helps the women to fellowship with God in their own way, away from the usual activities. To help you develop a better schedule, here are some women’s retreat prayer ideas.

Women’s Retreat Prayer Ideas Guidelines

  • You should have a prayer station set up plan. The Prayer stations should be set up at different parts of the hall. Each station should have a description that will direct the women on what to do at that station.
  • As the women arrive on the scene for prayer hour, small cards containing station numbers and short descriptions should be handed to them. By doing so, you make the process a more organized one.
  • Scriptures and relevant quotes can also be included in the card. At the station, questions and relevant bible verses can be put alongside the station’s description.
  • Make sure you leave a Bible at each station. You will be encouraging the women to spend more time there meditating instead of just walking by the stations.
  • To help make the location of each station easier, post A-4 sized papers containing the description at places where they can easily see them
  • Signs should be put outside each door to indicate when a room is in use and when it is not in use.
  • You can also play reflective songs and dim the lights. This will help set the mood.
  • Have enough stations so that the women can choose where they want to go. Also give specific time slots.

You can use some of these women’s retreat prayer ideas to kick-start your schedule plans.

You are loved with an Everlasting love:

A lot of women struggle with self-esteem and other emotional issues. This station will help them begin to discover who they are in Christ. Alongside a Bible, you can also keep a box of tissues, sticky notes and a pen. Fitting a mirror and some candles in that station will also be a great idea. This gives the room a beautiful look and warm feeling. Soft, soulful music that tell of God’s love for us can be played in the background. You can go ahead to place sticky notes containing bible verses that talks on God’s love for them. They should meditate on those scriptures while looking in the mirror.

Counting your Blessings:

The idea behind this station is to remind these women how much God has been there for them through the years. Each station should have blank tile. Markers of different colors should also be put there. Each person will be required to write a testimony, a corresponding bible verse and a word they received from the Lord before the testimony. Other women who walk in and see these will be encouraged to keep holding on.

  • Another great women’s retreat prayer idea is prayer itself. You can have a station set up with prayer books and prayer guides. Helpful bible verses can also be put there to direct their prayers. The prayers can be geared towards their children, their marriage, personal lives and other necessary things.

For additional women’s retreat prayer ideas, you can visit; Ministry2Youth, Rethinking Youth Ministry and Still Waters by Pastor Theresa Echo.

This idea list is just to guide you. There are still numerous women’s retreat prayer ideas out there. The best place to begin after doing a research is talk with your team members. They may have greats additions too. Take advantage of every opportunity to make this retreat a memorable one.

Gift Bag Ideas For Women’s Retreat

Gift Bag Ideas for Women’s Retreat

A great way to make your women’s retreat a memorable one is to hand out gift bags to the women before the retreat kicks off. The idea of this article is to give you some helpful Gift bag ideas for women’s retreat.

Gift Bag Ideas for Women’s Retreat – Guidelines

  • The gift bag is the first thing the attendee sees. Be sure to make a loving statement with this. When you hand attendees these bags, you are saying that you appreciate their attendance and this event is going to be something special.
  • Set a goal that you want the bag to achieve. Avoid any bag design that’s commonplace, boring and forgettable. Go for attractive colors, interesting fabrics and a classy look. Choose a small sized bag and you should consider inscribing the theme of the retreat or a short Bible verse that captures the theme perfectly.
  • Have a communication plan for the conference bag and solid reasons for its contents. To help with this, communicate your gift bag ideas to workshop leaders and exhibitors. Enlist them in the plan.
  • Instead of recyclable bags, go for reusable bags.
  • Fill the Gift Bags with Value. Getting a great-looking conference bag is just the first half. The second part is filling it with great stuff that’s meaningful, and relevant. It is sometimes tempting to try to conserve funds by getting gift items that are inexpensive. The problem with this is that they mostly turn out to be inferior.
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Gift Bag Ideas for Women’s Retreat – Where to Purchase them

  • Get your gift ideas ready. Check with the ladies and families within your church. Supposing your list includes handmade crafts like hand bands, key chains etc., it is always good to check within your immediate family [the church] first.
  • Check with local restaurants for courtesy cards or gift cards. Check with your local Christian bookstore.
  • Dollar stores are great places to find those unexpected goodies

Some Gift Bag Ideas for Women’s Retreat include: 

  • Pens and a small diary
  • Pocket-sized Bible
  • Keychains that carry motivational messages
  • Purse size sewing kits
  • Pocket calendars
  • Perfume samples and Cosmetic samples
  • Scented soap or lotion
  • Framed Scripture verses
  • King-sized chocolate bars
  • Insulated cups (with verse)
  • Devotional books and Christian Fiction Books
  • Christian music CDs or Christian DVDs – Christian bookstores often run $5 specials.
  • Personal Bible Studies
  • Pretty notecard/ Mini stationery notepad set
  •  $5 gift cards for coffee, frozen yoghurt, Chick-Fil-A
  • Postcard (Especially if you are having ladies from out of town. Try to get some that have a landmark or a scenic view from your area.)
  • Magnets, bumper stickers, key chains or novelties from places of business within your local area.
Other things that must be included in the gift bag are;
  • Your retreat/event information,
  • Schedules
  • Map of facility (if large campus or facility)
  • Restaurant locations (if out of town ladies are attending)
  • Retreat Booklet (info about speakers, song lyrics, paper for notes, etc.)
  • Brochure on your women’s ministry/church
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In Conclusion…

You can and should share your gift bag ideas with sponsors and team members. They may have their own objectives, and they will appreciate anything that makes them look and feel like a part of the big picture. You could also use conference bags to encourage early registration. An idea for this would be to create a special gift bag version that includes high-end items like tickets to shows, paid spa treatment, gift cards, or even tickets to sporting events. Alternatively, you can offer these exclusive conference bags to the first 100-300 people who register for the retreat. Just be sure to fill the retreat gift bags with content that are valuable. It will definitely have a positive impact on the attendees if you fill the bags with unique, exclusive, and valuable items.


Women’s Retreat Curriculum

Your women’s retreat curriculum determines how impactful the retreat will be. However, developing a curriculum for your women’s retreat feels like a great idea in theory but too complicated to make a reality. If you have no experience at developing a women’s retreat curriculum, you can delegate the work to someone on your team or a hired hand who is skilled at writing curriculum. Alternatively, your resource persons for the retreat can send in or come along with their own material for all the times they would be required to teach. If you do not have any of these at your disposal, you can research and develop the curriculum yourself. You can purchase pre-written curriculum studies as well.

Helpful Resources for Women’s Retreat Curriculum

Your content for women’s retreat curriculum must address challenges women face. Try to give the women an opportunity to contribute as well and share their experiences. This will encourage the rest of the women in the group. Some helpful resources for women’s retreat curriculum include:

True Womanhood:

From Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ and Mary Kassian’s True Woman 101: Divine Design. You can develop a curriculum that lays a solid biblical foundation on what it means to be a Godly woman. This will teach them God’s purpose for creating the woman. It will show them their true identity and how much authority they have in Christ. Depending on how long the retreat will run, you can compress the 8-week study guide into rich content that will bless these women.

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From Angela Thomas-Pharr’s Redeemed, you can develop a power-packed curriculum on what it means to live a redeemed life. This will help teach them what it means to allow the Word of God renew their minds. They will get to explore the practical side of redemption, leaning upon Jesus for everything.

War Room:

The movie war room teaches how to fight for the salvation of their husbands in a manner that honors God. Your curriculum should teach them this principle.

Treasured: A Complete Women’s Retreat:

Everything you need to create a complete women’s retreat curriculum can be gotten from this kit. It is centered on being God’s treasured possession.

Beautiful Feet: A Complete Women’s Retreat:

This kit includes a full retreat planning guide focused on the theme of Romans 10:15.

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver:

Being a woman can be overwhelming sometimes. Trying to balance your spiritual life, physical obligations to your husband, children and family whilst struggling with your emotions and chores as well. This study guide will prove useful in developing a curriculum to help women who struggle with life.

Invisible War: What Every Believer Needs to Know About Satan, Demons and Spiritual Warfare by Chip Ingram:

Developing a women’s retreat curriculum from this will awaken women to the existence of demons and spiritual warfare. The Invisible War offers a balanced look at this controversial subject. It teaches what every believer needs to know about Satan, demons, and spiritual warfare. I believe it will help the women understand what the Bible says about these threats. It will teach them how they can safeguard themselves and their families by trusting God.

Breaking Free: The Journey, The Stories by Beth Moore:

Beth explains that anything that hinders us from the benefits of knowing God is bondage. Using this guide to develop a curriculum will be a great idea. There are scriptures to help the women identify spiritual strongholds in their lives, no matter how small.

Choosing a study for the women’s retreat curriculum doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Let the Holy Spirit lead you.

Women’s Retreat Activities

Women’s Retreat Activities

A Christian women’s retreat is meant to provide women with a place be encouraged on issues that women commonly face in our world today. Women’s Retreat Activities depend basically on the theme of the retreat and the duration of the retreat. As you plan your retreat, it is advisable that you choose activities that revolve around your theme. This will help fulfil the general purpose of the retreat.

Below are some ideas of women’s retreat activities. They may not perfectly suit your purpose but you can tweak them to get that which is perfect for you.

Women’s Retreat Activities Ideas

Stress Relieving Activities

Attending a women’s retreat is an opportunity to take some time out from the stress of everyday life. You should include self-care activities when planning a retreat. For instance, providing every woman with a 15-minute massage, offering free manicures, pedicures or facial treatments, are great examples. You can include quiet time for each woman to be able to reflect. Be sure to include physical activities such as workout sessions, short group walk, a short group hike…

Games and Interactive Activities

Not everyone in attendance may be from the same local church or women group. Give the women an opportunity to get to know each other better and bond.   Include games that will make them interact with each other.
Women Retreat Activities such as Interview, Encouragement Basket, and Super Strength are great ways of breaking the ice.

The Interview game

Pair them up in groups and each woman must interview another woman she isn’t familiar with. She must ask three to five questions about the other woman and get to know her. After a while, select a woman randomly to share her findings.

The Encouragement Basket

This game involves placing a small basket full of flowers, along with small slips of paper. Provide writing utensils for each lady. Everyone is to write something encouraging about another, fold it up and then place it the other person’s basket.

The Super Strength game

This should be played towards the end of the retreat. During the game, each woman writes down what she’s observed is another woman’s greatest strength during the retreat.

Include board games that allow for interaction in the list of women’s retreat activities. Arrange for plenty of discussion in small groups, with no more than five women per group. This allows everyone to go deeper, grow closer, and build lasting relationships.

Skits, Dramas and Talks

This is another group of women’s retreat activities that will help the women grow. You should inform the speaker of the theme of the retreat beforehand. He/She must speak on topics that will help develop the women on the matter of discourse. Ensure that writing pads are available. This way, important lessons will not be forgotten easily after the retreat.

Spirit uplifting Activities

This kind of women’s retreat activities seek to build up the women spiritually. Invite a guest speaker with an in-depth understanding of God’s word. There should be special classes based on different areas. Areas such as leadership, developing ministry gifts, etc. Certificates should be awarded to women who excel in these sections too.

It’s worth mentioning that…

While compiling your list of women’s retreat activities, be sure to do a thorough research and involve your team members. They may have exceptional ideas too. This will encourage them and motivate them to contribute more to making the retreat an amazing experience.

Women’s Retreat Themes

A women’s retreat is a great way to build intimate connections, with God and with each other. A well-planned and executed retreat gives the women a lasting experience that will go on in defining their lives. Carefully choosing a theme will help you stay in line with the purpose of the retreat when planning a women’s retreat. However, the possibilities are endless and sometimes, it is difficult to get your creative juices flowing. To help you get started, we have included a few guidelines to observe while you make your choice. 

Women’s Retreat Themes: Resources

Choosing a theme that captures the purpose of the retreat is a great place to start. To get your creative juices flowing, I’d recommend that you:

  • Write down the purpose of the retreat, whom it is targeted to and what aim you’d like to achieve in the lives of the attendees. For instance, your target audience for the retreat could be women who are struggling with Self-worth. The women’s retreat theme has to be tied to the audience and their healing.
  • Your choice of women’s retreat theme should be warm and welcoming to anyone who sees it and not off-putting. It shouldn’t emphasize more on their problem, rather it should be the solution.
  • Skits can be an entertaining way to reinforce your women’s retreat theme idea. Watching some related skits that throw more light on the purpose of the retreat can help you come up with a great theme.
  • You could also read related ministry resources. This will help you create amazing themes related to the retreat.
  • Choose themes based on relevant challenges women face in everyday life.
  • Involve your pastor, team member and other women who have experience on coming up with women retreat themes. If you have someone around you who is gifted at copywriting, that will be of great advantage to you and your team.

Your Women’s Retreat Themes could be based on:

  • Specific Bible Verse that is relevant to the idea behind the retreat
  • A Specific song lyrics or title that captures the message. Using a song title as a retreat theme gives your event a memorable anthem.
  • Build an acronym from the key points your retreat stands for, and use the letters to form a catchy, memorable phrase. You can also plan the women’s retreat activities around the acronym, with each word representing a different phase of the retreat.
  • Fruits of the Spirit
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Emotional Healing
  • Biblical Womanhood
  • God’s Purpose for the Woman
  • Communication
  • Friendships
  • Self Esteem
  • Making Choices
  • Personal Testimonies
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Women’s Retreat Themes – Ideas

This is a list of ideas on women’s retreat themes to aid your decision. I must emphasise that this is only a piece of the puzzle to help spark your creativity.

  • Broken yet Beautiful
  • Living Free
  • Stayed on Him
  • Clothed in Grace
  • His Masterpiece
  • MAD (Making A Difference)
  • In conclusion, use your imagination and you’ll find no shortage of amazing themes! Enlist the help of those around you to help enhance your thought. If your problem is narrowing it down, consider which idea most fundamentally represents your desired goal. Just be sure to find a theme that represents your retreat goals to the core and stick to it!



Women’s Retreat Ideas

Taking time away from home to a serene environment is every mother’s dream but most of them aren’t willing to take the risk. This is because they have their families’ needs to cater for. A women’s retreat is an opportunity for these women to get time away from home activities. The purpose of this is to help them deepen their relationship with God and bond with each other through shared experiences and various other activities. Instead of planning your women’s retreat in the routine and traditional manner, we have put together a small list of women’s retreat ideas. Try one or more of these ideas to bring life your next retreat. I hope this helps!

Women’s Retreat Ideas

Making a women’s retreat come alive is not an easy thing to do. You need to have an all-engaging schedule that feeds the women spiritually, emotionally, physically and helps them bond with each other on a personal level.

The theme of the women’s retreat should be one that helps them recharge, feel encouraged, and be spiritually fed. Before choosing a theme, it is important that you have a defined goal for the retreat. It is advised that you choose an idea targeted at challenges women face and how they can live out their God-given identity in every area of life. For instance, the theme of the retreat could be centered on prayer, healing, discovering their identity, true beauty or any other appropriate theme. Network with other people who have experience at planning women’s retreat and ask questions on theme ideas.

The activities done at women’s retreat should help them bond with each other, reduce stress from home activities, reflect on their lives, worship God, deepen their relationship with Him, receive further instruction and also encourage them on issues that women commonly face. Icebreaker games, morning exercises, and even sports activities can be part of the itinerary, helping the ladies express themselves freely and get to know each other. Other activities like seminars, group discussions, Bible studies and other spiritual growth tools can be a part of your schedule.

The curriculum to be used for study during the retreat should be rich with Bible studies content that addresses challenges women face during large and small group times. You can do an online research yourself and develop the curriculum. or you can purchase pre-written curriculum studies. Alternatively, the resource persons for the program can also provide their own material for both large and small group times. If you have the luxury of a skilled curriculum writer who can produce material for your retreat, that’d be great.

There are a wide variety of gift bag ideas for women’s retreat. The idea of gift bags is to make the women feel appreciated and take that feeling home with them. Be sure to fill these gift bags with things that are valuable; not things that can be easily disposed of. Make it personal. The retreat gift bag should speak for itself and its content as well.

To help come up with additional ideas, you can share the ideas you have with your team and church elders. Listen to their own idea. Who know, you may hear ideas different from what is included here. Remember; one can chase a thousand and two can chase ten thousand.


Planning a women’s retreat

Planning a women’s retreat is usually exciting at first but it can become quite challenging as you go on. Whether it is a weekend getaway with a few sisters in your local church, a group of female friends or a larger retreat organized through your church, It is important that you pay attention to every little detail even those you think are insignificant. We put this resource together to help you plan better and take the edge off.

Reason for Planning a Women’s Retreat

First things First! You need to establish the purpose for a retreat before moving forward to plan one. A retreat allows women to bond with each other through shared experiences as well as deepen their relationship with God. You get to deliberately focus on growing your relationship with God, renewing your mind with the Word and interactive sessions with other women. Jesus who is our model, engaged in personal retreats often times and this really helped His ministry. One of the benefits of engaging in this type of retreat is that you come back with a renewed sense of direction for living. It is a great way to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Tips on Planning a Women’s Retreat

While planning a women’s retreat, there are several things to keep in mind. The first and most important thing you must bear in mind is this: You cannot pull this off alone. Delegating work to other members of your team – you should have one- is key so that you do not end up frustrated. Don’t hesitate to ask for ideas that work well or considerations from anyone you know is capable in that area.

Here are some guidelines on that will be of great help to you while planning a women’s retreat:

  • Pray

A lot of people have underestimated the essence of prayers as the foundation in whatever thing you engage in. For you to succeed, you need to lay the right foundation. It is never too early to start praying. Begin by praying for members of your team, those who will attend the retreat. Pray against all that the devil may use to prevent them from coming – health, finances… It is important that you ask God for wisdom- for you and your team- even as you plan.

  • Get a Venue

If you do not have a venue in mind yet, you can add it to your prayer list so that God will lead you there. However, there are a couple of places you could consider while planning a women’s retreat.  You could hold it at your Church, recreation center, hotel, someone’s home, vacation home, a retreat center, or you can use a summer camp in the offseason. Just make sure that the location fits the activities you would want the women to engage in. For instance, a place without sports facilities or a nearby one automatically cancels out sports from the itinerary.

  • Choosing your team

This is a very crucial stage. It is important that you lay the foundation of prayers before going ahead to make your choice. You will need a general co-ordinator unless you want to assume the responsibility yourself. It is important to let the Holy Spirit guide you in these matters. Here are a few helpful tips: When choosing your team, seek out people who have a passion for connecting Women to God and bringing them closer to each other. The coordinator – if it is not you – should be one with great administrative gifts and people skills. These are just guidelines. Just trust the Holy Spirit to guide so you can discern accurately who is supposed to be on your team.

  • Cover all the Bases

    It is important that you pay attention to detail. For instance, when it comes to feeding the women, you need to have a plan. Are you having your event catered or is there another plan for food? Is your host providing food? It is important you pay attention to these details so you don’t have hungry and angry women on your plate. If your ladies will bring their own food, consider having a sign-up list so you’d know what each person is bringing. You ould also assign menus to them so 2 or more people do not end up bringing the same thing. Do not forget to put plates, bowls, cups, utensils, and napkins on the list.

In summary, here is a  checklist for planning a women’s retreat.
  • Reasons for having a retreat
  • Define the goal for this retreat
  • Choose a Theme for the retreat
  • Pick the Date range
  • Choose a suitable venue
  • Who are the Leaders and your team members?
  • What activities will the women engage in and what comprises the program?
  • Have Contingency plans in place in case of any eventualities
  • Create a Meal Plan
  • Finances: Expenses to be covered
  • Daily Schedule for the retreat
  • Transportation Plan
  • Policies: Rules and regulations to be adhered to by the women during the retreat
  • Publicity: Getting the word out!!! Social media, Handbills, and word of mouth are great ways to publicize the retreat.
  • Plans for Registration

This list is not exclusive. However, they will help you get started on planning a women’s retreat.