Pastors Kids – Get Them Involved Early

Many times, we hear of pastors kids who grew to become very wayward adults. This is very rampant. Well, I think there are so many reasons why this happens. However, in this post, I want to encourage women in ministry to consider introducing their children to ministry in very friendly ways. pastors kids

Get Them Involved Early!!!

As a missionary, I have discovered that children love to be active. They may forget what you told them to do and forget to acts as pastors kids. However, they will never forget the experience they had, reached out to people in the soup kitchen.

Pastors kids see the challenges their parents have, first hand. As their parents continue to struggle with these challenges, they may get confused. They would start to think that their parents are pretending and covering up those challenges. Depending on how free it is to communicate at home, the kids may not have the guts to ask mom or dad. This results in them growing up with bitterness, leading to every other evil works.


It is important to have a free communication line between ministers and the pastors’ kids. That way you are not coercing your kids into what they did not themselves choose to do especially as they become older in age. You must respect their views as part of the family.

As they grow up to become teenagers and eventually leave the home, what you desire is that they will choose to serve God with the whole of their heart. I would suggest that you find out what you can do together as a family while they are still at home and also do a research on what they could get involved with as they enter college. There are mission trips for college students.


The advancements of the kingdom of our dear Lord is why we do what we do. My desire and prayer are that pastors kids with so much confusion today will discover a loving God that cares about them, and that they will genuinely know the Lord, and grow to become great influencers in their own generation as well.