Women Preachers in History of The Church

Throughout history, God has used women as vessels of His work of revival on earth. These women ministered with great success at a time in history where women preachers were an abomination. They rose above the status quo of women of that time and remained faithful to God’s call. Their steadfastness, courage and deep relationship with the Holy Spirit is of great encouragement to every woman in ministry today.

Some of these women preachers include:

Kathryn Kuhlman:

Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman was an American healing evangelist and televangelist. She was one of the most influential women preachers that walked the face of this earth. Born May 9, 1907, in Concordia, Missouri, she was one of four children. She was converted, when she was 14, at an evangelistic meeting held in a small Methodist church. 

1947 was the beginning of the Healing Revival (sometimes referred to as the Latter Rain Revival). Kathryn had a weekly TV program in the 1960s and 1970s called I Believe in Miracles that was aired nationally. She had a 30-minute nationwide radio ministry of teaching from the Bible where she frequently featured excerpts from her healing services. She was diagnosed with a heart problem in 1955 and she died on February 20, 1976, in Tulsa. More of her sermons here

Ida B. Robinson:

Another one of the pioneer woman preachers Ida B. Robinson, paved the way for Pentecostal woman to preach. She was the first African American woman to start a denomination to ordain women. Born in Hazlehurst, Georgia on August 3, 1891, she was an American Pentecostal-Holiness and Charismatic denominational leader. When she was 17 years old, she heard the Gospel for the first time and gave her life to Christ. She was the founder, first Senior Bishop and President of the Mount Sinai Holy Church of America, Inc. Robinson formed the organization in response to her vision and divine call. She secured an organizational home where women preachers would be welcomed and encouraged. She became very sick in April 1946 and died on April 20, 1946. 

Aimee Semple McPherson:

Aimee Semple McPherson [Sister Aimee] was the most publicized Christian evangelist in her time. She was a Canadian-American Pentecostal evangelist, famous for founding the Foursquare Church. Born on October 9, 1890, she disappeared mysteriously on September 27, 1944. She put on theatrical church services and used ground-breaking radio broadcasts to teach the gospel.

Elizabeth Hooton:

Elizabeth Hooton was an English Dissenter and one of the earliest preachers in the Religious Society of Friends. She was born in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire in the 1600s. Elizabeth Hooton suffered a lot of persecution as the first Quaker minister. Quaker ministers were people who based their message on the religious belief that Christ has come to teach his people Himself. They stressed the importance of a personal and direct relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Beaten and imprisoned for propagating her beliefs, she kept pressing on. She challenged those who were unjust and using the opportunity to preach the Gospel to them. On January 8, 1672, she passed on peacefully.

Ivey Glenshaw Campbell:

Ivey Campbell was born on November 15, 1874, at Raccoon Township, Beaver County Pennsylvania. She was a seamstress, who became an early Pentecostal evangelist. She was one of the greatest women preachers, leader and revivalist to come out from the Azusa Street Revival in the summer of 1906. Campbell had experienced God personally in a life-changing way. After her encounter with the Holy Spirit, she traveled around ministering to others about their need for salvation, sanctification and baptism in the Holy Spirit. Negative rumors about her seemed to arouse the interest of people and bring them to her meetings where they encountered Christ. She preached and ministered in revivals throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania. Ivey Campbell died in Los Angeles on the 26th day of June 1918 at the age of 44.

Alice Belle Garrigus:

Born in Rockville, Connecticut on August 2, 1858, Alice Belle Garrigus was a Pentecostal evangelist. She founded the Pentecostal Church in Newfoundland and Labrador. The theme of her preaching was personal salvation through Christ and his imminent return for His people. Alice Garrigus remained in Newfoundland for the rest of her life. She continued to be a principal figure in the Pentecostal church. Alice died on August 30, 1949, at Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Maria Beulah Woodworth-Etter:

She was born on July 22, 1844, in New Life Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio. Marie was an American healing evangelist. She became born again at the beginning of the Third Great Awakening at the age of thirteen. Maria immediately heard the call of God and began preaching the Lord’s divine will in healing. Her ministry style served as a model for Pentecostalism. In 1912, she joined the young Pentecostal movement and preached widely in Pentecostal circles until her death. She helped in founding the Assemblies of God in 1914. In 1918, she founded what is today Lakeview Church (Temple) of Indianapolis, Indiana. Her health declined, and she died on September 16, 1924, honored as a woman of God.


Should Women Be Pastors?

Should women be pastors? This argument has transcended generations and is still causing division in the body of Christ. There has been a lot of confusion on this matter, each with an opinion and biblical references backing up their points. You may have noticed that a lot of people are against the idea of a woman being their pastor. Some have refused to visit churches where a femalShould Women Be Pastorse presides as pastor while some others do not mind being led by a woman. They read the rest of the scriptures as regards to women in leadership, through the lens of 1st Timothy 2:11-15. Traditions and laws have forbidden the woman from taking the lead in the house of God. Well, it is a good thing that we have the Word of God and the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. Before we start to see how true or how false their opinions are, let us define according to the Word, who the woman is, God’s purpose for her and how it relates to the pastoral call. Let’s take off our gender-based sentimental hats, rid ourselves of every opinion and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. 

God’s Purpose for the Woman

The woman was not an afterthought. She was neither created out of necessity, merely because man needed assistance. She was created to dominate just like the man. Yes! She was created after the man but she isn’t inferior to him. Gen 1:26 tells us that God made Man in his own image and likeness and he created them male and female. God is Spirit, the real you [man] is spirit and a spirit has no gender. Whatever God said to the man, He referred male and female. When He gave the dominion mandate in verse 28, He gave it to both male and female. The woman and the man are equal spiritually but different physically; complementary in nature. They were both given the dominion mandate but they were to carry out this assignment differently. The man has the leadership position as he was the first one to be put in the garden. The woman has the power of influence, designed to help the man. She brings a different way of service to the table. This may spoil your traditional beliefs and what you have been taught from the onset, but please read on with an open mind.

Should Women Be Pastors? There is a lot more to see and learn.

Who is a pastor?

A pastor is one of the five-fold ministry, a leader who takes care of the flock, nursing them to spiritual health. The next logical question to ask is this: “Were there any female leaders in the Bible times?”

Should Women Be Pastors? – Some Examples of Women in Leadership


Taking a stroll to Micah 6:4 (NIV), it reads: I brought you up out of Egypt and redeemed you from the land of slavery. I sent Moses to lead you, also Aaron and MiriamIt is very important to note that God himself acknowledged Miriam as a leader. She was part of the team of leaders who led the people of Israel to the promise land. She served alongside her brothers, Moses and Aaron. Like Moses, she made several mistakes during her time as a leader but she repented of them. You’d notice that she was not mentioned as much as Moses or Aaron was. This is because women lead differently from men. Men have a dominant attitude, announcing his authority through words and actions but this is different for a woman. Women lead through influence. This subtle way is not really noticed and taken for granted at times but its effect is felt greatly.

Back to our question, Should Women be pastors? Well, read on. 


Deborah, who was a prophetess, a judge and the wife of Lappidoth was another great leader in the bible times. She knew her identity as a woman and understood her God-given authority; the influence and power, given to her. Deborah understood that her position as a judge was not a means for her to oppress the people. This was evident in the way she addressed Barak. The way she led in humility and understanding was so great that Barak refused to go to war without her. He didn’t mind the fact that he would lose the glory of the victory to a woman [Judges 4:8-9].

So what do you think, should women be pastors?


The Bible also identifies Esther, Huldah, Anna, four daughters of Philip and several others. These women understood their God-given purpose and took the lead without disrespecting the position and authority of the man. There is nothing wrong with a woman being a pastor. They have their own unique role to play. The way they lead may be different from men but God totally approves of it. After all, He created them and God never creates anything to fail.

Should Women be Pastors? – Paul’s View

Paul was one of the apostles who dominated the earth through his ministry. He mentioned some things in his letters to the church in Corinth [1st Cor 14:34] and Ephesus [1st Timothy 2:11-15] that forbids women to participate in leadership roles. I believe his intent has been greatly misunderstood. Paul addressed the matter with regard to the happenings in the church at the time. He was speaking to the women and men alike who were struggling with the negative effects of the fall and were still yet to grasp the significance of what Jesus did on the cross.

Gal 3:28 had Paul saying this,

There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ.” He addressed our spirit-man; the one living in our physical bodies, male and female alike. Anyone who walks in the Spirit is not bound by the Law. The curse is broken. We need to stop living in the past, the chains of the law and stop trying to put God in a box. God’s ways are totally from ours and so are His thoughts. God will use anyone that has made himself or herself available to be used by him.


Just like Myles Munroe of blessed memory would say,

let us ask ourselves which is more important, culture or Christ? Did Jesus ever command a woman to be silent or rebuke her from leading and preaching the Word? Think about these things and do not let culture define God’s standards to you.

Should women be pastors?

Yes! I believe so. In practice, I have discovered that women in ministry care passionately more than men in some cases because of their nature. Many female pastors are also blessed with the great support of their husbands. Kathryn Kuhlman was one of the greatest women preachers who walked the face of the earth. The same goes for Joyce Meyer, another great woman of God. We need to realise that God’s plan for the woman in all areas including leadership has been restored. If you are in Christ and you have the Holy Spirit leading you, God can use you to feed his flock, needless of your gender.

If Jesus did not condemn it, I wouldn’t condemn it either and so should you.

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Female Pastors in America

There are many amazing Female Pastors in America. They love God and many of them are bold, quiet, simple, funny, glamorous but in all, they each attract women to God in their own way.

Paula White 

female pastors

Paula White, a popular televangelist, is the senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center, in Apopka, Florida (near Orlando), a non-denominational, multi-cultural megachurch. She was the co-pastor of Without Walls International Church in Tampa, a church she co-founded with pastor and ex-husband, Randy White. She also hosts a television show, Paula White Today.

Born on April 20, 1966 in Tupelo, Mississippi, to Myra Joanelle and Donald Paul Furr III. In 1984, while living in Maryland, she converted to Christianity at the Damascus Church of God. It was shortly after her conversion, at the age of 18, that she heard the voice of God, asking her to preach the gospel.  

Since 2012, she has been the senior pastor at New Destiny Christian Center, a megachurch in Florida that pulls in thousands of worshippers to its weekly services. She also heads up Paula White Ministries and is a TV personnel who regularly appears on TV and Radio. Paula White was named as a chair of the advisory board, which Trump convened during the 2016 presidential campaign in a bid to reach Christian voters.

In a nutshell, I’d say Paula White is a beautiful Pastor who has tried tremendously in her own way to impact her generation for Christ.

Juanita Bynum

When the name Juanita Bynum is mentioned, the first thought that drops in my heart is like, “Oh hey! That’s the prophetess who sang Behind the veil…” That song was one of my favorite that really helped me transition into the new life.

Juanita Bynum, a Georgia-based televangelist, prophetess and author of the books “Walking in Your Destiny,” “Heart Matters,” and “No More Sheets” amongst great books and songs as well, is one of America’s top female pastors.  She also has a number of accomplishments in the musical industry which ranks high in the gospel music category. She is the CEO of Juanita Bynum Enterprises, a multi-faceted lifestyle and empowerment product company based in New York.The testimony of Juanita’s life, an evidence that something that was once dead and condemned can be restored and brought to life again by the Holy Spirit, is not something you get to hear about everyday. She tells her story of how she was abused in her marriage, involved in lesbianism and drug use at some point in her life, inspiring other women to walk away from abusive situations and walk to Christ.

Here’s a brief history on her life.

Born January 16, 1959, Juanita Bynum is an American Pentecostal televangelist, author, actress and a powerful gospel singer. She is one of five children of Elder & Mrs. Thomas Bynum. Born and raised in Chicago, Juanita Bynum attended Saints Academy High School of the Church of God in Christ in Lexington, MS and fellowshipped at St. Luke Church of God in Christ. After graduation, she started preaching in churches nearby and at revivals which made her a bit popular. She began a series titled “Lessons in Submission”.

Through the 1990s, Juanita Bynum was speaking at many major conferences throughout the United States. In 1997, she released “No More Sheets”, a video and audiotape series about her transformed lifestyle. After ministering in Bishop TD Jakes’ “Woman, Thou art loosed” conference, Atlanta, in July 1999, she became one of the worldwide recognized female voices in the wilderness. She began appearing regularly on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. She also had daily programs on The Word Network, Daystar Network and other Christian Affiliates. The Weapons of Power conference was held annually through 2006. Also in 2006, she held the Threshing Floor Conference with over 68,000 registrants at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

With over 12 books written and nine musical projects amongst other things, Juanita Bynum has impacted the world for Christ.

Victoria Osteen

Victoria Osteen, the wife of Joel Osteen and co-pastor of the Lakewood Church in Houston, was born on March 28, 1961. She has authored several books and is the founder of Lakewood Church Women’s Ministry, which started in 2003. She is the mother of 2 children, who both serve alongside her and her husband in the ministry. You can watch her programs on Daystar Television and TBN, as she teaches what it means to live a happy life amongst other great lessons. She also reaches out to the less privileged by supporting the organizations, Feed the Children, The Bridge – a shelter for battered women amongst other philanthropic acts.

Shirley Caesar

The queen of Gospel Music, Shirley Caesar, was born on October 13, 1938 in Durham, North Carolina. She is not just an Gospel Artist but also a songwriter and recording artist who has bagged several Grammy Awards, Dove Awards amongst others. She married Bishop Harold I. Williams in 1983. They were co-pastors of the Mount Calvary Word of Faith Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, until his death on July 4, 2014.

She is the 10th of twelve children. At age ten, she started singing with a well known gospel group where her father was the lead singer. After he died, she began touring with Evangelist LeRoy Johnson, who had a television show in Portsmouth, Virginia. She recorded her first song “I’d Rather Have Jesus” I’m 1951, while still in high school. Shirley heard the voice of God during a college exam, asking her to spread the Gospel.Since then, she has remained faithfully, with her response to the call developing into 150 concerts per year, volunteer work for the poor, numerous awards, and over 30 record albums.

Kim Burrell

Pastor Kim Burrell is one woman who greatly inspires me through her songs and messages. Her captivating voice carries the power of the Holy Spirit that encourages the hearts of people all over the world. Born on August 26, 1972, is an American gospel singer from Houston, Texas. She is also the daughter of a pastor in the Church of God in Christ (COGIC).

Her musical career started with the Greater Emmanuel C.O.G.I.C. Choir of Houston, Texas, the church where her father pastors. Early in her career, she was featured on recordings with the Gospel Music Workshop of America Youth Choir; Trinity Temple Full Gospel Mass Choir of Dallas, Texas, along with Kirk Franklin, and The Inspirational Sounds Mass Choir of Houston, Texas. She has been also featured on B.E.T.’s Celebration of Gospel, Lift Every Voice, as well as the Bobby Jones Gospel Show. She has other great accomplishments as well but one thing that I love and admire about her is her ability to stand firmly in the truth, regardless of the cost. That’s a trait you don’t get to see often.

Serita Jakes

Mrs. Serita A. Jakes, wife of TD Jakes is one great woman of God with a very inspiring testimony. God was really intentional about her life, strengthening her and leading her through rough paths till she finally learned to stand in Him. Throughout her nearly 30 years of marriage, she has diligently served alongside her husband, Bishop T. D. Jakes, with purpose and precision. She has ministered greatly to women through her books, stage plays [her husband] and messages, containing great words of wisdom.

She serves as the Executive Director of The Potter’s House Women’s Ministries, reaching to women from all walks of life. She also oversees Rahab Int’l Ministries which helps survivors of domestic abuse; the God’s Leading Ladies Life Enrichment Program for grooming women who want to lead successful personal and professional lifestyles and a Debutante Program for teenaged girls. She is also an actress who has featured in several movies.

Her book, The Princess Within, which has sold over 200,000 copies, is very inspirational, aimed at encouraging women who are victims of one form of abuse or another to break the silence, break away from the situation by the power of God and begin healing. In all, she has been a great blessing to this generation as one of the female pastors in America.

Joyce Meyer

Amongst the great female pastors in America, Joyce Meyer is one who has made such great impact to this generation.

Joyce Meyer, born on June 4, 1943, is a popular televangelist, charismatic Christian speaker and author. She and her husband Dave Meyer, have four grown children, and live outside St. Louis, Missouri. Her ministry, Joyce Meyer Ministries Organization, is headquartered near the St. Louis suburb of Fenton, Missouri. Through the ministry, she impacts the lives of others, blessing them just as God has blessed her.

Joyce Meyer was briefly a member of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in St. Louis. She started leading an early-morning Bible class at a local cafeteria and became active in Life Christian Center, a charismatic church in Fenton. Within a few years, Meyer was the church’s associate pastor. She also began airing a daily 15-minute radio broadcast on a St. Louis radio station. In 1985, she resigned as associate pastor and founded her own ministry, initially called “Life in the Word.” She began airing her radio show on six other stations from Chicago to Kansas City. In 1993, her husband Dave suggested that they start a television ministry.[1] Initially airing on superstation WGN-TV in Chicago and Black Entertainment Television (BET), her program, now called Enjoying Everyday Life, is still on the air today.

Her testimony of the abuse she faced while growing up is of great inspiration to many women especially those who have faced the same challenges. Joyce Meyer Ministries has reached out to people in the third world countries, including those around her, sharing the love of Christ and disciplining the nations for Him.

Beth Moore

Beth Moore, one of her greatest blessings to the body of Christ is one of the female pastors in America I know and love because of her diligent works. Born on June 16th, 1957, she is a renowned American Evangelists, author and Bible study teacher. She is married to Keith Moore with two grown daughters, Amanda and Melissa. Both daughters, along with son-in-law Curtis Jones, work with their mother at Living Proof Ministries. Beth Moore committed her life to spreading the gospel at the age of 18. She currently attends Bayou City Fellowship, Houston, Texas, where her son-in-law, Curtis Jones, is lead pastor.

She founded Living Proof Ministries, a biblical women based organization, located in Houston, Texas. This ministry aids women who desire to model their lives on godly principles. Alongside other ministries such as LifeWay Christian Resources, Beth Moore conducts more than a dozen conferences, known as “Living Proof Live”, around the United States annually.She also teaches through her radio show, Living Proof with Beth Moore, and appears as a regular on the television program LIFE Today. She occasionally writes books, Bible study guides and video resources to make Bible study time with the Lord easier for you to receive.


As much as there is a huge class in America that do not believe that the bible permits women to hold leadership positions in the church over men. Paul speaks to the Ephesians and states that women should learn from the husbands at home.

Today more than ever before, the list of female pastors in America keeps getting longer. In short, many women in ministry find it interesting now especially because of the easy to combine ministry with family life. Women love to express themselves and I believe God loves to pour His Spirit on many women up till today.