Healing Retreats for Women

Healing Retreats for women is one of the most needful kind of retreat in our generation today. A vast majority of women in the Christian race today, do not understand the significance of what Jesus did on the cross for us. This is why we remain bound in the prison of physical pain, emotional pain and spiritual defeat. Whether you are in need of physical healing, emotional healing or spiritual revival, this retreat is for you. I will be sharing some YouTube Testimonies from women who have been set free during these retreats.

Purpose of Healing Retreats for Women

The purpose of healing retreats for women is to allow you experience the healing power of God. It is not to give a quick fix to your problems. Rather, it is to teach you how to receive your miracle and make it a blessing. It is important to know that miracles can be lost but a blessing can never be lost. The recipient of a miracle usually doesn’t know how much authority and freedom they have in Christ. A blessing however, is an inheritance. Those who have it know how much authority they have in Christ and walk in it. This is what a healing retreat is all about. At this retreat, you learn through personal testimonies and teachings how to overcome the work of the enemy in your life and walk in freedom.

Healing Retreats for Women Activities

During this retreat, there are times for worship, teaching sessions and prayer. Other trainings that are a part of the retreat curriculum include;

  • Having the opportunity to receive individual prayer ministries and teachings from seasoned ministers.
  • Teachings that cover key biblical principles that help you access your healing.
  • Topics covering the areas of forgiveness, your authority in Christ, understanding and knowing God intimately are a part of the retreat curriculum.
  • Spiritual warfare, making Godly choices and living victoriously is a part of the curriculum as well.
  • Activities that help you activate your faith such as personal time alone with God, one on one sessions, is usually a part of the retreat itinerary.
Healing Retreats for women is a gift… a time to reflect, connect with God and bear fruits…

Jesus was aware of how deeply in need we were of healing. He was moved to compassion by the number of lost souls and people he saw living in prison-like situations. This is why he dedicated his stay on earth to setting people free, paying the final price for freedom through His death. The woman with the issue of blood, the woman by the well, Mary Magdalene, the Canaanite woman, were some of the women set free by Jesus. I am taking the time to explain this to you so that you will know that God wants you healed. He wants you set free. Healing is your bread! Attending this kind of retreat will help you heal and grow.

If you are interested in attending one of these retreats,

There are several ministries that organise them. Ellel Ministries, HCM International amongst others hold healing retreats for women. Visit their websites for more details. If you are a healing minister looking to host your own healing retreat, you can see how to plan a women’s retreat here.

Healing Retreat Testimonies

There has been a lot of testimonies as regards to healing retreats for women. These mind blowing testimonies tell of how much God wants to see you healed. You can watch some of these videos below to be encouraged and stirred up to attend one. I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me!