Planning a women’s retreat

Planning a women’s retreat is usually exciting at first but it can become quite challenging as you go on. Whether it is a weekend getaway with a few sisters in your local church, a group of female friends or a larger retreat organized through your church, It is important that you pay attention to every little detail even those you think are insignificant. We put this resource together to help you plan better and take the edge off.

Reason for Planning a Women’s Retreat

First things First! You need to establish the purpose for a retreat before moving forward to plan one. A retreat allows women to bond with each other through shared experiences as well as deepen their relationship with God. You get to deliberately focus on growing your relationship with God, renewing your mind with the Word and interactive sessions with other women. Jesus who is our model, engaged in personal retreats often times and this really helped His ministry. One of the benefits of engaging in this type of retreat is that you come back with a renewed sense of direction for living. It is a great way to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Tips on Planning a Women’s Retreat

While planning a women’s retreat, there are several things to keep in mind. The first and most important thing you must bear in mind is this: You cannot pull this off alone. Delegating work to other members of your team – you should have one- is key so that you do not end up frustrated. Don’t hesitate to ask for ideas that work well or considerations from anyone you know is capable in that area.

Here are some guidelines on that will be of great help to you while planning a women’s retreat:

  • Pray

A lot of people have underestimated the essence of prayers as the foundation in whatever thing you engage in. For you to succeed, you need to lay the right foundation. It is never too early to start praying. Begin by praying for members of your team, those who will attend the retreat. Pray against all that the devil may use to prevent them from coming – health, finances… It is important that you ask God for wisdom- for you and your team- even as you plan.

  • Get a Venue

If you do not have a venue in mind yet, you can add it to your prayer list so that God will lead you there. However, there are a couple of places you could consider while planning a women’s retreat.  You could hold it at your Church, recreation center, hotel, someone’s home, vacation home, a retreat center, or you can use a summer camp in the offseason. Just make sure that the location fits the activities you would want the women to engage in. For instance, a place without sports facilities or a nearby one automatically cancels out sports from the itinerary.

  • Choosing your team

This is a very crucial stage. It is important that you lay the foundation of prayers before going ahead to make your choice. You will need a general co-ordinator unless you want to assume the responsibility yourself. It is important to let the Holy Spirit guide you in these matters. Here are a few helpful tips: When choosing your team, seek out people who have a passion for connecting Women to God and bringing them closer to each other. The coordinator – if it is not you – should be one with great administrative gifts and people skills. These are just guidelines. Just trust the Holy Spirit to guide so you can discern accurately who is supposed to be on your team.

  • Cover all the Bases

    It is important that you pay attention to detail. For instance, when it comes to feeding the women, you need to have a plan. Are you having your event catered or is there another plan for food? Is your host providing food? It is important you pay attention to these details so you don’t have hungry and angry women on your plate. If your ladies will bring their own food, consider having a sign-up list so you’d know what each person is bringing. You ould also assign menus to them so 2 or more people do not end up bringing the same thing. Do not forget to put plates, bowls, cups, utensils, and napkins on the list.

In summary, here is a  checklist for planning a women’s retreat.
  • Reasons for having a retreat
  • Define the goal for this retreat
  • Choose a Theme for the retreat
  • Pick the Date range
  • Choose a suitable venue
  • Who are the Leaders and your team members?
  • What activities will the women engage in and what comprises the program?
  • Have Contingency plans in place in case of any eventualities
  • Create a Meal Plan
  • Finances: Expenses to be covered
  • Daily Schedule for the retreat
  • Transportation Plan
  • Policies: Rules and regulations to be adhered to by the women during the retreat
  • Publicity: Getting the word out!!! Social media, Handbills, and word of mouth are great ways to publicize the retreat.
  • Plans for Registration

This list is not exclusive. However, they will help you get started on planning a women’s retreat.