Tools For Spiritual Growth

Tools For Spiritual Growth – What are they?

Spiritual Growth is not optional, rather it is a necessity for every believer. God’s desire for us is that we grow to maturity in all dimensions; spirit, soul, and body. A lot of Christians define spiritual maturity as the level of one’s biblical literacy. Sufficient knowledge of the Word of God does not mean you are mature spiritually. Maturity is birthed from intimacy with the Holy Spirit; a deep and personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. We must daily desire intimacy with the Holy Spirit in order to keep growing spiritually so that we can reflect the true image of Christ. 

Essential Tools for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is the most important dimension of growth when it comes to the triune nature of man. This is because man can only relate to God and access His blessings through the spirit. There are several vital tools for spiritual growth. They are:

Studying the Word:

The Word of God is a catalyst for Christian growth. The more we feed on it, the more we will grow. Whether you are a new believer or one who has been on the narrow road for quite some time, feeding your spirit man is something you must never neglect. In a world as busy as ours, it is so easy to totally neglect study of the Word or stick to once a day rush routine without really spending time with the Holy Spirit. The same Word that brought us to life ought to sustain us every day.

In 1st Peter 2:2, Peter writes, “Like newborn babies, you should crave [thirst for, earnestly desire] the pure [unadulterated] spiritual milk, that by it you may be nurtured and grow unto completed salvation. Here, Peter tells us that in order to become spiritually mature, we have to study the Word, craving for it more than anything else. The comparison between the babies’ milk and the spiritual milk shows how indispensable the Word of God is. It is the spiritual milk of every believer. No matter how busy we are, we cannot afford to be careless with the study of the Word. We must prioritize the Word over everything else because it is our treasure. The Holy Spirit who dwells in us is always available to teach us. We on the other hand, have to show up for classes so we can grow.

Meditating on the Word

Another tool for spiritual growth is keeping your mind stayed on God. Study and meditation go hand in hand. You can spend all day meditating on a part of the scriptures you studied earlier. It is possible to do this and still go about your daily activities. Worry is a form of meditation, you know. You can spend time thinking on God’s Word rather than worrying [Phil 4:8]. The Holy Spirit leads you deeper into comforting truths that you were not aware of while you meditate. Do this daily!

Develop a Bible Study Plan:

It is important that you do not depend so much on devotionals that you’d rather stick to a routine bible study life than let the Holy Spirit lead you. Devotionals are good especially for new believers who are still trying to find their feet. However, they only provide us with more excuses for not digging deeper. Have a study plan aside from your devotional study routine. Bible study guides, commentaries, concordance and online materials are additional materials that spice up your study time.


Prayer is our lifeline to God. We may have over-familiarized ourselves with prayer yet it can become a whole new experience for you. We should let the Holy Spirit brooding over our prayer life. Daily prayer is not going to cut it this time. You have to pray without ceasing; staying in constant communion with God even while going about your daily activities.


As alien as this may sound, speaking to someone about Christ helps you grow. It teaches you complete dependence on the Holy Spirit, trusting Him to fill your mouth with words. You will also learn to walk with boldness and confidence. Family, friends, fellow workmates… are all people that God has brought into our lives; most of which need to hear the gospel. It is our duty to lead them to the knowledge of Jesus.


Spiritual growth is a daily pursuit, not something we do when we feel like it. I know it can be tough trying to pull through amidst our busy schedule. However, remember the words of Jesus; Where your heart is, there your treasure lies. These tools for Spiritual growth are great treasures that should not be neglected. We must hold on to them, that we may all be complete and proficiently equipped in every aspect of this life and the one hereafter.

Eternity is not just the goal. Growing to maturity in a love relationship with the Holy Spirit and living purposefully, is God’s desire for us as well.