Women’s Retreat Ideas

Taking time away from home to a serene environment is every mother’s dream but most of them aren’t willing to take the risk. This is because they have their families’ needs to cater for. A women’s retreat is an opportunity for these women to get time away from home activities. The purpose of this is to help them deepen their relationship with God and bond with each other through shared experiences and various other activities. Instead of planning your women’s retreat in the routine and traditional manner, we have put together a small list of women’s retreat ideas. Try one or more of these ideas to bring life your next retreat. I hope this helps!

Women’s Retreat Ideas

Making a women’s retreat come alive is not an easy thing to do. You need to have an all-engaging schedule that feeds the women spiritually, emotionally, physically and helps them bond with each other on a personal level.

The theme of the women’s retreat should be one that helps them recharge, feel encouraged, and be spiritually fed. Before choosing a theme, it is important that you have a defined goal for the retreat. It is advised that you choose an idea targeted at challenges women face and how they can live out their God-given identity in every area of life. For instance, the theme of the retreat could be centered on prayer, healing, discovering their identity, true beauty or any other appropriate theme. Network with other people who have experience at planning women’s retreat and ask questions on theme ideas.

The activities done at women’s retreat should help them bond with each other, reduce stress from home activities, reflect on their lives, worship God, deepen their relationship with Him, receive further instruction and also encourage them on issues that women commonly face. Icebreaker games, morning exercises, and even sports activities can be part of the itinerary, helping the ladies express themselves freely and get to know each other. Other activities like seminars, group discussions, Bible studies and other spiritual growth tools can be a part of your schedule.

The curriculum to be used for study during the retreat should be rich with Bible studies content that addresses challenges women face during large and small group times. You can do an online research yourself and develop the curriculum. or you can purchase pre-written curriculum studies. Alternatively, the resource persons for the program can also provide their own material for both large and small group times. If you have the luxury of a skilled curriculum writer who can produce material for your retreat, that’d be great.

There are a wide variety of gift bag ideas for women’s retreat. The idea of gift bags is to make the women feel appreciated and take that feeling home with them. Be sure to fill these gift bags with things that are valuable; not things that can be easily disposed of. Make it personal. The retreat gift bag should speak for itself and its content as well.

To help come up with additional ideas, you can share the ideas you have with your team and church elders. Listen to their own idea. Who know, you may hear ideas different from what is included here. Remember; one can chase a thousand and two can chase ten thousand.