Women’s Retreat Prayer Ideas

Most women would jump at the idea of taking a break away from their lives, at least once or more times a year. Women’s Retreats provides an opportunity for these women to develop a more intimate relationship with God and take that much needed break. When planning a women’s retreat, prayer stations should be included in the itinerary. It helps the women to fellowship with God in their own way, away from the usual activities. To help you develop a better schedule, here are some women’s retreat prayer ideas.

Women’s Retreat Prayer Ideas Guidelines

  • You should have a prayer station set up plan. The Prayer stations should be set up at different parts of the hall. Each station should have a description that will direct the women on what to do at that station.
  • As the women arrive on the scene for prayer hour, small cards containing station numbers and short descriptions should be handed to them. By doing so, you make the process a more organized one.
  • Scriptures and relevant quotes can also be included in the card. At the station, questions and relevant bible verses can be put alongside the station’s description.
  • Make sure you leave a Bible at each station. You will be encouraging the women to spend more time there meditating instead of just walking by the stations.
  • To help make the location of each station easier, post A-4 sized papers containing the description at places where they can easily see them
  • Signs should be put outside each door to indicate when a room is in use and when it is not in use.
  • You can also play reflective songs and dim the lights. This will help set the mood.
  • Have enough stations so that the women can choose where they want to go. Also give specific time slots.

You can use some of these women’s retreat prayer ideas to kick-start your schedule plans.

You are loved with an Everlasting love:

A lot of women struggle with self-esteem and other emotional issues. This station will help them begin to discover who they are in Christ. Alongside a Bible, you can also keep a box of tissues, sticky notes and a pen. Fitting a mirror and some candles in that station will also be a great idea. This gives the room a beautiful look and warm feeling. Soft, soulful music that tell of God’s love for us can be played in the background. You can go ahead to place sticky notes containing bible verses that talks on God’s love for them. They should meditate on those scriptures while looking in the mirror.

Counting your Blessings:

The idea behind this station is to remind these women how much God has been there for them through the years. Each station should have blank tile. Markers of different colors should also be put there. Each person will be required to write a testimony, a corresponding bible verse and a word they received from the Lord before the testimony. Other women who walk in and see these will be encouraged to keep holding on.

  • Another great women’s retreat prayer idea is prayer itself. You can have a station set up with prayer books and prayer guides. Helpful bible verses can also be put there to direct their prayers. The prayers can be geared towards their children, their marriage, personal lives and other necessary things.

For additional women’s retreat prayer ideas, you can visit; Ministry2Youth, Rethinking Youth Ministry and Still Waters by Pastor Theresa Echo.

This idea list is just to guide you. There are still numerous women’s retreat prayer ideas out there. The best place to begin after doing a research is talk with your team members. They may have greats additions too. Take advantage of every opportunity to make this retreat a memorable one.